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Ur Way Cleaning Services

Customized With You In Mind

Bringing Purpose and Passion Together

About the Owner

At the helm of UR Way Cleaning Services is Janitia Green. From her hometown in Cleveland, she has decided to bring her passion, talent, and extensive cleaning knowledge to Central Ohio. She stands as a pillar in her community, hoping to inspire those with aspirations of entrepreneurship to endure.

Starting her own cleaning and painting company in Columbus, Ohio is just the beginning. Janitia prides herself on building a trusting relationship with her customers and upholding that throughout the lifespan of the service agreements. She is eager to bring her competitive edge and extensive knowledge to all of her customers, eventually expanding her services to surrounding counties and states. 

God and family has made all of this possible. It is also the same reason she is able to remain successful in this competitive industry.

“Anyone with purpose and passion can successfully make any of their dreams come true” 

- Janitia Green, CEO

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